Microblading is a popular semi-permanent procedure used to mimic the effect of real brow hairs, creating the appearance of natural and fuller looking brows; perfect for those who have faint blonde brows, have lost them due to alopecia or simply just have sparse brows.

The treatment consists of depositing tattoo pigments with small, precise strokes to the upper layer of the skin using a tiny Microblading ‘blade’. Shading can also be added to create depth and volume, if you have no/very little brow hair then shading may be suggested (Combination Brow Treatment).

Typically the procedure takes up to two hours with a top-up required after 5-7 weeks (this is included in the initial cost). This top-up is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the brow colour, and to add additional hair-strokes/further define the previous brow strokes.

Microblading lasts between 12 to 18 months and requires touching up more frequently in comparison to other brow treatments.

Not suitable for all skin types – oily, thick or sun damaged skin typically reduces the lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the downtime ?

Client must avoid intense gym sessions for roughly one week, due to the production of salt produced in the skin which will work against the healing process. We also advise clients to avoid putting anything on their brows for roughly one week and avoid picking the dead skin from their brows.

There will be a period roughly day 3-8 where the brows will crisp up and scab like a normal wound. So book your treatment when you do not have a special occasion for at least 2 weeks post treatment.

I am going on holiday and want my brows done for then, when should I book?

We advise clients to book their eyebrow procedure at east 2 months prior to a holiday, or 1 month post a holiday. The client will need to allow time for the brows to heal and also to have their top up session to be performed and given time to heal.

When do I need top up and is it free?

We offer complimentary top up sessions 4 – 8 weeks after their initial treatment. We also offer top ups throughout the year which vary in price depending on how long it has been left since your last session.

Does it hurt?

We used a topical numbing cream to pre numb the area before going on to tattoo, we then apply another numbing agent to make the procedure more comfortable throughout the treatment. There is little discomfort for clients, and feels mostly like slight scratching.

Do you offer consultations?

Our consultations are performed the same day as the treatment. We go through a medical history, client consent form, treatment plan and then discuss the clients natural brows and desired look. We can look at photos of the techniques we can offer, before then going on to draw up the brows and carry out the treatment.

Do you offer different colours?

We match up colours to our clients eyebrows to create a look that is natural and as close to their natural brow hair as possible. We use the renowned natural pigment brand ‘Permablend’ by Tina Davies which come in a variety of colours from greys, to soft blondes and ebony browns.

Do I need to pluck, wax or shave off my eyebrows?

No, please keep all your natural brow hair as the technician will tidy up your brows before tattooing. The more natural brow hair you have, the more that the tattoo will blend.

I have absolutely no eyebrow hair, can you perform the treatment?

Yes! We can treat clients with no eyebrow hair including those who suffer with alopecia.

What type of person are not suitable for treatment?
  • Clients whom are pregnant
  • Diabetics ( insulin dependant and brittle diabetics )
  • Glaucoma ( for eyeliner procedure – please get Doctors permission )
  • Hyper pigmentation
  • Scars in the area ( Some scars may not hold colour as easily )
  • Keloid scarring
  • Vitiligo ( if not in the area being treated, then treatment may be carried out )
  • Visible skin disorders in the area ( Seek a dermatologists advice prior to treatment )
  • Allergies ( including nickel or other metals, lidocaine, latex or other )
  • Patch test required
  • Birthmark in the area