B12 Injections

As part of our wellbeing treatments at Karina Mcgahey Skin + Aesthetics we now offer B12 injections, an essential vitamin given to clients intramuscularly providing many different health benefits to improve the functioning of the mind and body, enhancing a persons overall wellbeing.

B12 is required for proper cell function of the blood cells, nerves and brain. B12 can be found naturally in the following food products we eat – meat, poultry, beef, liver,clams, dairy products such as eggs, milk, and fish. It digested and then separated from the protein and absorbed into the blood stream. To make sure you are getting enough B12 we advise you check your food labels to get an idea of the levels of B12 present to understand your daily taking of the nutrient.

Some of the benefits include the following;

  • Improved brain function
  • Elevated mood
  • Aids liver function
  • Energy boosting
  • Improves sleep
  • Helps with depression
  • Can prevent anaemia
  • Improves metabolism
  • Helps fight fatigue
  • Promotes healthy skin, hair and nails
  • Helps with anxiety
  • Improves cell production

Some people may struggle to naturally absorb vitamin B12 from animal foods and may want to try supplements in the form of liquid, tablet or capsule’s from pharmaceutical companies.​

Frequently Asked Questions

Who would benefit from a B12 shot?
  • Older adults whom lack hydrochloric acid that is needed to absorb B12 naturally from foods
  • People who eat little or no animal produce
  • People who suffer from pernicious anaemia
  • People who suffer with digestive disorders such as Celiac or Chron’s disease
  • Pregnant women who do not eat meat to ensure their babies are getting enough B12
What are the side effects of a lack of vitamin B12?

B12 deficiency can cause some of the following symptoms – tiredness, weight loss, loss of appetite, weakness, depression, asthma, allergies, memory loss and decreased brain function.

What is B12?

B12 is a water soluble vitamin which is predominately found in organ meats of animals. We use hydroxocobalamin to help raise blood levels helping to prevent or reverse deficiency.

How many injections do I need?

We recommend a course of 4 for 4 weeks and then 1 every 4-6 weeks from there on.

Does it hurt?

People experience little to no discomfort with this treatment as we use a insulin needle to minimise pain. Its also very quick!

What are the side effects?

Some clients may experience a slight heaviness to the arm for roughly 10 minutes post treatment, but there is no downtime and clients can go about their daily routine as normal

Is it safe?

Yes, B12 shot is like taking a B12 vitamin but better, as you get a higher dosage and it’s absorbed into the body a lot faster. It is very rare to have an allergic reaction to B12

Will a B12 injection effect or interfere with any other medication I am on?

We do not offer B12 shots to people who are currently taking chloramphenicol medication.

What is the recommended daily dosage of B12?
  • Older children and adults = 2.4mcg
  • Pregnant Women = 2.6mcg
  • Breast feeding women = 2.8mcg
Who should not have a Vitamin B12 shot?

If you suffer with:

  • Leber’s disease
  • Allergy to Cobalamin
  • Abnormal red blood cells (Megaloblastic Amenia)
  • High number of blood cells (Polycyhemia Vera)
  • Post- Surgical stent placement
  • Pregnancy or breast feeding women no more than (2.8mcg for -breastfeeding or 2.6mcg for pregnant women)
Can I do a home assessment to check my B12 levels?

Yes, we recommend clients check their levels of B12 before making an appointment with us. You can either visit your GP or you can purchase home kits through the following recommended websites;




Home tests are roughly £40.

Can I overdose on B12?

The risk of B12 overdose is extremely low as there is no upper limit of the amount of B12 intake.